Dave Olden

Welcome to my SmugMug page!

Herein you will find insight into my interests and even who I am through photography. Two of my common themes are motorcycling and nature and many galleries share both, as the line between the two has become almost non-existent for me. I'm really not sure which I enjoy more, riding there or being there, but both are a part of me and what used to be an escape from real life has turned into a reality of it's own, with everyday responsibilities just being a distraction from what really matters to me. I've tried to capture these feelings in the following galleries.

Every photo tells a story and is in some way special to me. Many of these are linked to Ride Reports in moto forums or other enthusiast websites such as the firearm photos etc, where the picture is used to enhance a story, or to share a moment with friends. In trying to capture these moments I've been slowly getting sucked in to photography as a hobby in itself and not just a tool to enhance and share my other experiences. This is reflected in many of my older galleries, as the photos are often from disposable cameras, or even scanned photos from disposable cameras, and the lack of artistic skill is often apparent . In other words these aren't showcase photos (or even close), but important memories that everyone is welcome to share. If you've arrived at this page to view photos that are more pleasing and tell stories on their own check out the featured galleries first, as I've picked some of my favorites for those and hope you enjoy them.

Thanks for stopping by.